Monday, 17 April 2017

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February 15th 2017 Liverpool city centre belly dance class

Belly dancing classes Heswall January 2017

May 2015 Hoylake Belly Dance Class

Bebington belly dance class 2014

Hoylake class 2013 belly dance class

Birkenhead belly dance classes 2012

Wallasey belly dance class 2011

South Liverpool belly dance class 2013

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Studio Belly Dance Images

Videos (click to view)

Tara's promo video

            Tara with Ya Raqs at the World Museum in Liverpool

                  Egyptian style dance by Tara at a Restaurant

                                   Hen Party in Bolton UK
Sword Dance With Hollyoaks Cast Members at Restaurant

Turkish Belly Dance Night at Restaurant in Southport (regular dancer here for 8 months)

Charity Performance in association with Wirral Older People's Parliament 

          Surprise Birthday Party (Bellygram) in Northwales

                           Surprise Birthday Party in Bradford

Sword Dance at Hafla (my class party - social dance night)

Performance Images